The Dark Horse Group.
Tourism | Leisure & Entertainment

The Quarter Acre Hotel, Jetty Bar & Eats, Subi Continental and Southcamp.


The Dark Horse Group has a versatile hospitality portfolio across Perth, presenting their clients with a varied offering through all four of their outlets.

Alto Cibum was approached to improve many of the operational business practices within the group’s venues. Using the best systems available, the focus was to streamline and improve the operational efficiency at the Dark Horse Group.

Alto Cibum created strategy on many aspects of this goal, such as collective dashboarding, labour cost targeting, revenue tracking and cost of goods analysis.

Whilst maintaining the groups existing reach and market connection, Alto Cibum has achieved a high standard of business efficiency, helping the group grow further.

An ongoing relationship around strategy management has been a proud connection with Alto Cibum and The Dark Horse Group.

Operational Analysis ・ System Streamlining ・ Revenue Tracking

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